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The motto of Namchi Government College Sa Vidya Ya Vimuktaye is a Sanskrit axiom meaning to free people from all kinds of bondage- social, religious, political, of Convention and superstitions, of Caste and Communalism through education. The college emblem is symbolic and evocative. It comprises of the lamp with flames at the centre with lotus petals on either sides of the lamp set at the background of the mountains with blue sky above and ocean below. The lofty mountain signifies our ideals and determination to achieve higher heights of wisdom. The vast blue sea signifies the unfathomable reservoir of knowledge and the blue sky points to our perseverance to achieve higher goals in life. Like the churning of sea by Devas and Danavas to produce Amrita- the ambrosia of deep knowledge, the burning lamp and the lotus stand in the centre of the emblem emerging from the ocean suggest that the burning lamp will lead people from darkness of ignorance to the light of knowledge and from the realm of unknown to the known. The lotus signifies the seat which the deity Saraswati the goddess of knowledge adores and blesses the humanity.

Namchi Government College (NGC) is a co-ed undergraduate college established on 18th August, 1995 by Honourable Chief Minister Shri. Pawan Chamling. It is affiliated to Sikkim University which is a Central University established by an Act of Parliament,2007.The college had its modest beginning in a rented building in Namchi Bazaar and it aimed at providing easy accessibility to higher education for the students of Sikkim. NGC is a testimony of the farsighted vision of our Honourable Chief Minister Shri. Pawan Chamling and his inexorable zeal to actualize his vision.

Today,the college is located at Kamrang which is about four kilometres away from Namchi (South District Head Quarter)and has approximately 2200 students, 69 faculty members and 35 administrative and support staff. The college has spacious rooms and has a mammoth structure with three storeys consisting of classrooms, office, library, laboratories, separate common rooms for boys and girls and a spacious multi-purpose auditorium. Separate hostels for both boys and girls with an intake capacity of more than 180 students and Government staff quarters for the faculty have been constructed and it is expected that soon these would be functioning. A sports complex with a playground is also being developed in the campus. Besides, the infrastructural facilities, the strength of the college lies in its congenial and enriching aura, which facilitates the teaching-learning process.

The medium of teaching in college is English and the college follows the Semester system as per the guidelines of Sikkim University and the college offers courses in Science, Humanities and Commerce. Besides these conventional courses, the academic strength of the college is enhanced further with the Professional courses like Journalism and Mass Communication. NGC, since its very inception has been relentlessly striving to permeate the teaching-learning process by beautifully blending it with intellectual and ethical engagement. NGC, as such from its initial years has been endeavouring to bring about a holistic development of the students and prepare them for the future challenges with unwavering confidence. So, the NGC family has consistently commited itself towards nurturing, channelizing and harnessing students potentialities. Such efforts help in making the students of NGC not just attached to their cultural roots but also develop a cosmopolitan understanding of the world today.

At NGC, relentless effort is being made by each member of the institution towards not just imparting knowledge but also empowering the students to translate the acquired knowledge into creative citizenship. So, NGC possesses the persistent drive to secure and augment the vision of Honourable Chief Minister Shri. Pawan Chamling of creating a centre of academic and extra-curricular activities for the students of Sikkim. NGC has been able to passionately secure a space that encourages broader horizon of thinking among the young minds. Thus, the NGC strives to authenticate, validate and substantiate the message of its emblem Sa Vidya Ya Vimuktaye.

Code of Conduct
code of conduct

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